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When Vermonters took the ballot box back in 2018 and voted overwhelmingly to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis, we finally saw our chance to realize a dream too long deferred. Four years later, all of our tireless work has finally paid off as our dispensary has, at long last, opened for business! With the toughest tasks behind us, we couldn’t be more psyched to start in on the easy steps: sharing the most stellar and sustainable cannabis our state has to offer with our peerless patrons! We’re a familiar name as a longstanding smoke shop in downtown Burlington, but our recreational dispensary is in the same convenient location on Main Street. 

Cannabis With A Legacy

Our Recreational Dispensary in Burlington VT

Since our first day setting seeds to soil, our mission has been simple: Help people consume clean, safe, and sustainable cannabis. From mastering the magic of pipe-making to cultivating and curating Vermont’s finest flower and everything in between– Burlington’s Best Place to Buy a Pipe is now its best bet for cannabis, too!

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FAQs About Burlington VT Dispensaries

Are you planning to visit a Burlington VT dispensary to purchase cannabis for the very first time? We’ve compiled a collection of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive along with the answers, so you feel prepared for your initial visit!

How much cannabis can you buy at Burlington dispensaries?

If you’re an adult 21 or older, Vermont state law says you can buy up to an ounce (28g) of marijuana flower or the equivalent in other products like edibles, extracts, and concentrates per day. Feeling confused about how much you can buy? Don’t worry! We’ll be happy to break it down for you when you visit. Just remember, purchase limits will follow you from place to place. So, while you are free to visit all the dispensaries in VT you want, your daily purchase limit will dictate how much you can purchase.

What do I need to shop at a Burlington VT dispensary?

All you need to shop for weed at our dispensary in Burlington is your government-issued photo ID. We can verify your legal age with a driver’s license, state-issued ID, U.S. passport, or military ID. Make sure your ID is up-to-date! Other than your ID, all you need is cash to pay for your cannabis. We do accept credit and debit in our smoke shop, however.

What happened to Bern Gallery's Burlington VT smoke shop?

We’re still here! Our roots as Burlington’s oldest glass and smoke shop are still planted deep. The only difference is that we now have a glass shop and dispensary on Main Street. You’ll still find all the best glass pipes, bongs, bubblers, and head shop favorites right here. However, you can also shop for some of the best cannabis and cannabis products in VT during your trip.

What Is Our Weed Dispensary and Smoke Shop Near

Our weed dispensary is right on Main Street in downtown Burlington VT. If you’re looking for a dispensary near Flynn Theatre or a dispensary near Church Street, we’re the place! Bern Gallery is just a few doors down from The Flynn and around the corner from Church Street. City Hall Park is right across the street from our shop, and we’re less than a mile from the Burlington Bay waterfront.

Is Our Dispensary Recreational or Medical?

Bern Gallery is a recreational cannabis dispensary. Therefore, you won’t need a medical card to shop from our menu, only a valid government-issued ID to verify you are at least 21 years of age.

When Is Our Marijuana Dispensary Open?

We’re open seven days a week from 11 am to 7 pm. So, no matter what day you have free for a visit, we’re here to make sure you get what you need.

Can I order online for pickup?

Yes, you can place an order online to pickup using our menu.

Bern Gallery

Your Burlington Dispensary & Smoke Shop

If you’ve been to Burlington, you will likely already recognize the Bern Gallery’s name. We’ve been an iconic component of downtown Burlington for many years. However, a long-held dream of combining our passion for fine-smoking experiences with our love of top-shelf cannabis is now a reality.

One-Stop Head Shop, Glass Gallery, and Dispensary

Bern Gallery is known to offer one of the finest collections of American-made glass pieces in the Green Mountain State. Our glass shop was opened by a visionary glass artist who set out to give people the best head shop in the area more than two decades ago. Now, you can visit Vermont’s top head shop for a handmade piece of artisan glass and one of the best-curated cannabis menus in the state.

Access Bern Legacy Cannabis

Our team is made up of legacy cultivators, and we’re proud to offer a collection of Bern Legacy cannabis flower right here at our dispensary. This is the epitome of high-quality bud, grown with profound respect for giving every plant exactly what it needs to be an exemplary cultivar. Bern Legacy Flower is available in classic and contemporary strains with respectable terpene profiles and impressive genetics, like Pineapple Kush, Sour Tangie, and Yellow Cab.

Check Out Our Dispensary Deals in Burlington, VT

Looking for good dispensary deals in Burlington? Be sure to plan a visit to Bern Gallery Cannabis. We consistently update our menu with special savings, including our famous “Dollar Doobies” once a week. To make it easier to know exactly what you’re spending, we include taxes in menu pricing so you’re never left guessing. Don’t forget to sign up for the Bern Gallery newsletter to get the low-down about all upcoming deals and discounts.

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Bern Gallery Dispensary

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Bern Gallery Dispensary
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